As a counter part of the JHFA Mailing list in Japan, we established a group at Yahoo!.
At JHFA group@Yahoo, you can;

  • Share your idea or opinion, or discuss your issues over e-mail list* (you don't need to be a yahoo member to subscribe)
  • Share your hamster photo
  • Cast a vote
  • ...

And the best thing is it is free! All you need is a valid e-mail address, that's it. Your new community is just click away.
If you are interested, please visit Yahoo Group "JHFA" (under Top> Science> Biology> Animals> Mammals> Rodents> Hamsters>
jhfa) or click *this* link to see the details.

Those who are really inpatient, you can also send an e-mail to, to subscribe the mailing list. However, it may simply confuse you up, we strongly recommend you to read through the description of the yahoo groups before get involved.

By the way, to maintain friendly community, we'd like to establish a couple of rules. These rules are pretty common on the net, we appreciate your understandings.

  • Don't be rude, be polite
  • Don't use dirty words
  • Don't be offensive
  • Don't make anybody angry, also don't get angry with others
  • Be kind for beginners and new comers

When you finish the process, try sending your self introduction e-mail to the list. you'll get warm response from others soon (It is not mandatory, but to participate is the best way to enjoy the community. It will be a good first step).

Well, we are waiting for you online. See you there!


*note: This is not a news letter. You will be a member of the mailing list to share your e-mail with others.